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We work with a growing range of high quality partners around the world to both stimulate and satisfy investment demand for physical platinum. This enhances market efficiency, increases product and distribution channel availability and addresses the needs of a growing investor base.

Our commercial partnerships aim to make platinum investment easily accessible and mainstream. By innovating new products whilst supporting existing ones, we meet the needs of both institutional and retail investors.

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Bank of China (BOC)

BOC Shanghai RMB Trading Center, headquartered in Shanghai, has more than twenty years history in offering precious metal investments to domestic investors. It was the first commercial bank in China to launch platinum investment products. BOC plans to grow its platinum investment products and the partnership has been formed to bring in WPIC’s expertise and to assist in its existing and new product development.

China Gold Association (CGA)

CGA is a nationwide not-for profit organisation established in 2001. It has c.600 members, a number of whom have interests in Platinum Group Metals. WPIC and CGA will work closely to develop China’s platinum investment market.

CNOOC Taiyuan Precious Metal Co Ltd

CNOOC Taiyuan Precious Metal Co Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the China National Offshore Oil Corporation Group, one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies. The corporation has 25 years’ experience in the industrial applications of platinum. CNOOC Taiyuan has now launched platinum investment products to retail investors, working in partnership with WPIC throughout the development process.

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Shenzhen Hengfu Ying Jia Gold Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Hengfu Ying Jia Gold Co., Ltd. is a diversified large enterprise, and a member of the Shanghai Gold Exchange. WPIC and Hengfu Ying Jia have partnered to develop the physical platinum investment market in South China.

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UK Athletics

UK Athletics is the national governing body of the leading Olympic and Paralympic sport in Britain. WPIC is partnering with UK Athletics to provide the Platinum Trophy and Medals for the inaugural Athletics World Cup, which will see the world’s top eight athletic teams competing in London in July.

The Platinum Trophy



BullionVault is the world’s largest gold and silver investment platform, holding $2bn of assets for 70,000 private investors. WPIC has partnered to offer platinum at the best possible prices.

Muthoot Pappachan Group

Muthoot Pappachan Group is one of the largest gold loan NBFC’s in India with over 3,800 branches and an average of 50,000 customers per day. WPIC has partnered to promote and sell India’s first platinum deity products.

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The Royal Mint

Founded in 886, the Royal Mint is the world’s most recognised national mint, minting all UK circulation coinage and manufacturing coins for over 60 countries. The Royal Mint and WPIC joined forces to see the Royal Mint offer retail platinum bar and coin products for the first time in its 1100 year history.

Britannia platinum bullion coin

Bars and Queen's Beast coin

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Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation, est 1927 manages the world’s longest running platinum ETF product in Japan. WPIC supports Mitsubishi in promoting the ETF to Asian investors.


Valcambi, est 1961 is one of the largest precious metals refiners, refining more gold than any other refiner. Valcambi and WPIC have partnered to increase the availability of platinum bar and coin products for the global retail market.

The Singapore Bullion Market Association

The Singapore Bullion Market Association est 1993 promotes Singapore as a precious metals hub and represents key precious metal stakeholders in the region ranging from refiners and to bullion banks. WPIC became members of the SBMA in 2016.

Rand Merchant Bank

Rand Merchant Bank is one of the largest financial services groups in South Africa, offering innovative value-chain solutions. WPIC and RMB joined forces to increase the global availability of precious metals Bullion Coin Custodial Certificates to retail and institutional investors outside Africa.